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  • Punta del Este

    Punta del Este, the spa top of Latin America.To The east of Uruguay, in the department of Maldonado and a few kilometers of all..

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  • Piriápolis

    Piriápolis offers to anyone who has got more than 20 kilometers of coastline cut back, where they hide and appear white sand beaches of different characteristics, excellent fishing, a magnificent port and possibilities of water sports.

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  • Cruises

    The cruise tourism is one of the tourism activities that grows in the world.

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Find in your visit all points of interest, Hotels, Developments and Restaurants of our Map of Maldonado.

José Ignacio

In 1877, was inaugurated the Beacon of Jose Ignacio in order to avoid shipwrecks in the area and...

La Barra - Manantiales

Old fishing port, located a few kilometers of Punta del Este. "La Barra" has become one of the...

Punta del Este

The Hidden Jewel, east of Uruguay in the department of Maldonado and a few kilometers across, is Punta del Este Spa Top in Latin America with 70 km. of coastline.